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Hair Transplant Surgery:


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique used to transplant healthy hair from one area of the body to the area affected by hair loss or balding.

During hair transplantation, healthy hair is extracted from an area referred to as the donor site. The hair transplant donor area is commonly located on the back of the scalp where hair is not affected by chemicals such as DHT (dihydrotestosterone), one of the main chemical influencers of hair loss.

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Hair is harvested from the donor site using one of two methods: the follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant method or the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair transplant method. Once the hair is harvested, it’ll then be transplanted into the area affected by thinning hair follicles or bald spots. The area affected by hair loss is referred to as the hair transplant recipient site.

The main difference between the two hair transplants are in the way hair follicles are extracted from the donor area.

Both FUE and FUT hair transplants use follicular units to promote hair growth. A follicular unit contains anywhere from 1 to 4 hair follicles that are all growing naturally out of a single pore. Since both procedures use the follicular grouping method for extraction, smaller hair grafts can be taken to provide a more natural-looking appearance compared to older hair transplants.


FUT Hair Transplant is commonly referred to as the linear strip method. This hair transplant technique requires a very thin and long sliver of tissue to be removed from the donor area. The follicular units will then be extracted from that strip using high-powered magnification for dissection, and placed back into the recipient site for hair to begin growing once again. The technique allows hair transplant surgeons to cover more area in a single section with optimal graft survival.

Recovery time is slightly longer than the FUE procedure, requiring anywhere from 1 to 7 days before patients can return to their normal schedule. FUT is recommended for patients who like to wear their hair long, patients who are looking to obtain maximum fullness from a hair restoration procedure, patients in the more advanced stages of hair loss, or patients who are not a good fit for FUE.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the newer methods used for hair transplants. The FUE hair transplant technique dissects individual hair grafts directly from the scalp . In turn, there is absolutely no sign of any linear scarring . FUE is minimally invasive and does not require any stitches or suturing. We use advance motorized device (Cole dissection device -CDD-Vortex, USA) and fine Cole 0.8 to 0.9mm punches for extracting follicles and Implanters to implant hair follicles, there by avoiding damage to  hair roots.

FUE hair transplant is recommended for patients who are in the earlier stages of hair loss, patients who like to wear their hair short, and patients looking for minimal to no downtime after surgery.

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