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Premature Greying:

Over the years, premature greying of hair has become a cause of concern for young people.  While greying of hair is caused when your hair follicles cease to produce melanin — the pigment that gives hair its colour, the reasons for the early onset of this remains a major worry for most.

  • Genetic trait

One of the most common reasons for having grey hair in your early 20s, is because of your genes. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to do anything about it.

  • Dietary deficiencies

Deficiency of vitamin B, zinc, vit D, ferritin and copper also causes early appearance of grey hair. This is because these nutrients assist the metabolic process involved in giving hair its natural colour.

  • Environmental pollution

The daily pollution that we encounter makes our hair strands weak. With time, this also leads to grey hair.

  • Smoking

Smoking leads to free radicals being formed in the body. These free radicals cause oxidative stress, leading to decreased melanin, which promotes greying of hair.​

  • Stress

Hypertension, stress, and anxiety are leading causes of premature greying of hair. The hair you lose due to a stressful event, such as chemotherapy, may grow back grey.

  • Thyroid disorders

Hormonal changes caused by a thyroid problem such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism  may also be responsible for premature white hair.

The ability to reverse or prevent white hair depends on the cause. Consult doctor to see if an underlying condition is responsible for white hair. If you treat the underlying health problem, pigmentation may return, but there are no guarantees.

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