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“The right diagnoses lets you turn to the right page of therapy” – Shelly and Shelly.

Trichoscopy is a method of hair and scalp evaluation and is used for diagnosing hair and scalp diseases. Hair and scalp structures may be visualized at many-fold magnification. It has been increasingly used as an aid in the diagnosis, follow-up, and prognosis of hair disorders.

Trichoscopic evaluation of normal and diseased scalp is based on study of follicular patterns, interfollicular patterns and hair signs.

It provides rapid detection of scalp and hair disorders with advanced diagnostic accuracy, predicts the course of the disease, and decreases the unnecessary need for biopsies.

Trichoscopy may help to distinguish scarring versus nonscarring alopecia, early androgenetic alopecia (AGA) versus telogen effluvium, and it also supports the diagnosis and predicts the prognosis of alopecia areata (AA)

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