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Laser Hair Removal


Why Laser Hair Removal?

Old-fashioned hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving and other kinds of plucking might provide only temporary relief from unattractive hair, but may as well promote hair growth. These can be painful and requires years of continuous treatments to be effective.

Since the laser is a pure and very selective light of the same optimal wavelength, it is considered the most effective and safe method for permanent hair removal, especially when performed by a qualified technician. With laser hair removal, you will definitely get permanent relief from all unwanted hair and only through short series of treatments.

How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

During the treatment focused high-energy LASER beam goes through the skin and hits an individual hair root. The pigment in the hair root absorbs the LASER and gets heated up and destroys. That prevents future hair growth from the root.

A cooling gel will be applied to your skin before the procedure to make it more comfortable.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

  1. Leaves skin looking smoother and silkier.

  2. Treats larger areas effectively because it removes more than one hair at a time.

  3. Minimal discomfort.

  4. Eliminates the need for waxing, electrolysis, and razors.

  5. No ‘down time’; Immediately you can return to normal activities.

What are the advantages of Diode laser hair removal?

The Diode laser has a longer wavelength and thus able to provide better results.

Any area: Diode laser can be used to remove hair over any area of the body except for the sensitive area around the eyes. Common areas are face, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, & chest

Fewer ingrown hair: Diode laser also eliminates the risk of stubborn ingrowth of hair.

Dynamic: Diode laser is suitable for almost all skin types including type VI, and can be altered depending upon the skin type and texture, hair colour, hair thickness and other factors. Diode the laser works best for individuals with fair skin and dark hair colour.

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